The Lynnwood Foundation, a nonprofit organization established in 1996, has a twofold mission: To maintain and preserve the national historic site known as The Duke Mansion by operating it as a unique meeting facility and community gathering place, and to create and operate The Lee Institute, which focuses on building collaborative community leadership.

Gifts made to The Lynnwood Foundation on behalf of The Duke Mansion and/or The Lee Institute are fully tax deductible as allowed by law. Gifts in support of annual operations and maintenance, programmatic support, endowment and capital needs are welcomed. Gifts of furniture, paintings and other pieces of decorative arts are also greatly appreciated.

Want to donate? There are plenty of ways to help!

Contact Pat Martin for more information.

The Lynnwood Foundation
400 Hermitage Road
Charlotte, NC 28207
704.375.4441 FAX

Peter Blair, President The Duke Mansion and The Lee Institute

Patricia Higgins Martin, Development Director

Rondel Balitaan, General Manager